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'Living Innovations' 
Products from Natures as Nature intended. Natural ingredients formulated to provide natures replenishment, aid, enhance and balance that our daily  Journeys drains from use.  
Our Natural product  line is easy to use and the application for each uses our bodys natural   ability to absorb and apply these elements to work in harmony with  our individual needs. 
Each of us have entered  "The Journey" (the path and experiences of our lives).   Our individual Journeys are unique to each of use.  At Better Yet This we strive to  Live Life Well and in Harmoney with the world we share.
'Better Yet This'
  • If you ’re looking for high quality Services, Products and Information: then  you have come to the right place.
  • We strive to when ever possible provide Natural and Ecological products, packaging and supplies required to live a healthy safe sustainable humane life.
  • We offer the best in Living Innovations. We base our product offerings on solid quality, craftsmanship and pricing. We strive to provide our services with ease of access, delivery and understanding. We encourage your feedback and suggestions.
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